Sunco Pro Dealers

What is Sunco Pro?

SunCo Pro Dealers are dedicated to providing the best possible product to their customers. 

Many of our SunCo Pro Dealers have previous construction and renovation experience. Some join us after becoming a customer, others are excited about the opportunity to provide customers with their dream sunspace. No matter their background they all share the same vision and committment to customers that has made SunCo successful over the past two decades. 

SunCo Pro Dealers operate with the customer in mind. 

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Serving the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region and Surrounding Communities.

Serving Steinbach, Niverville, Lorette, Iles des Chenes, Grand Point, Ste Agathe, and Saint Adolphe.

Serving Rosenort, Winkler, Morden, Altona, and Sanford.